Bilkent Topology

This is the homepage of Bilkent Topology seminar (Spring 2023).

This term’s seminar will be a reading seminar on higher categories co-organized by Igor Sikora and Aziz Kharoof.

Topology seminar - Fall 2022



Main references

[B] J. Bergner, A survey of (infty,1) Categories
[BS] C. Barwick, J. Shah, Fibrations in infty-Category Theory
[DS] W. G. Dwyer and J. Spalinski, Homotopy theories and model categories
[F] G. Friedman, An elementary illustrated introduction to simplicial sets
[G] M. Groth, A Short Course on Infinity Categories
[H] V. Hinich, Lectures on Infinity categories
[W] C. Weibel, An introduction to homological algebra

Other references

Charles Rezk, Introduction to quasicategories
Kerodon website
D. Dugger, A Primer on Homotopy Colimits

  1. May 1 is holiday.